2018 March 14 Full Day Conference Speaker Presentations
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OPENING KEYNOTE - Blue Print Design: We Wouldn’t Remodel our Kitchens without a Blueprint; Why do we Keep Trying to Remodel our Cultures without One? 

Charlie Judy, Founder & CEO - WorkXO
(888) 964-1564 | cjudy@workxo.com

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LEGAL UPDATE - Legal Challenges and Real Opportunities for HR Leaders in the #MeToo Era

William J. Tarnow II, Partner - Neal Gerber Eisenberg
(312) 269-8489 | wtarnow@nge.com

Sonya Rosenberg, Partner - Neal Gerber Eisenberg
(312) 827-1076 | srosenberg@nge.com

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EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE - Enticing People to Come to the Office through Choice, Amenities and Culture

Damla Gerhart, Managing Director - CBRE

(Click here to access Damla's presentation)


AFTERNOON KEYNOTE - Behavioral Design: A Framework For Changing Minds and Behavior to Increase Engagement

Loran Nordgren, Professor of Management and Organizations - Kellogg School of Management


CLOSING KEYNOTE - The Dream Company: Influence Greatness and Build a Rock-Solid Culture

Kevin Ames, Director of Speaking - O.C. Tanner
(801) 493-3535 | kevin.ames@octanner.com

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