2017 October 19 Full Day Conference Speaker Presentations
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OPENING KEYNOTE - The ROI of Trust: The Surprising Driver of High-Performance Teams 

Cathy Ach, Co-Founder and Principal - Soulstice Group LLC
(847) 502-6605 | cach@soulsticegroup.com

Cathe Russe, Co-Founder and Principal - Soulstice Group LLC
(847) 502-6605 | crusse@soulsticegroup.com

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Tribal Leadership - Meeting Your Tribe Where They Are So You Can Get Them Where You Want To Go

Ken Perlman, Consultant - CultureSync
(714) 292-1647 | perlman@culturesync.net

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Fast & Furious Legal Update

William J. Tarnow II, Partner & Chair - Neal Gerber Eisenberg
(312) 269-8489 | wtarnow@nge.com

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The People Strategy that Saved this Tech Company - and Increased Revenue by 600%

Amanda Lannert, CEO - Jelly Vision

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CHALANT Leadership: Creating the Strategy for a High Performance Culture

Brad Karsh, Founder, CEO - JB Training Solutions
(312) 282-3119 | bkarsh@jbtrainingsolutions.com

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CLOSING KEYNOTE - How to Find Your Tribe (And Grow Your Business in the Process)

Casey McEuin, Executive Director - ProjectRELO
(253) 678-4075 | casey@projectrelo.org

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