STORMZ Conference Feedback
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Conference Expectations - What do we know or Want to now about Tribal Organizations

The Surprising Driver of High Trust Communities

Delights Concerns & Key Take-aways

Alexandre Eisenchteter, Co-Founder, Collaboration Designer & Facilitator
US: (408) 417-1263  | Brainstorm. Improve. Decide. With Stormz, you can facilitate work sessions and use the power of collaboration to improve ideas and make better decisions. 
Stormz is a powerful digital solution to transform any meeting, training or event into an engaging collaborative session.

Use Stormz to involve and engage your employees during:

  • Strategic Offsites or Executive Retreats
  • Internal Corporate Events
  • Innovation sprints or hackathons
  • Talent & Development Seminars and training sessions
  • Transformation Initiatives